Power to the Polls is a national voter registration tour one year after the historic Women’s March on Washington. This next stage of the movement will channel the energy and activism of the Women's March into tangible strategies to create change in 2018.

The national voter registration tour will target swing states to register new voters, engage impacted communities, harness our collective energy to empower grassroots leader to advocate for policies and elect leaders that reflect the values we marched for on January 21, 2017. We will collaborate with our partners to promote more opportunities for women and progressives to run for office. This campaign will build upon Women’s March’s ongoing work uplifting the voices and campaigns of the nation’s most marginalized communities to create transformative social and political change.
We believe that civic change will come about when we follow and support Black women, when we commit to fighting the systemic voter suppression laws that inhibit so many of our communities from voting.   Women’s March aims to convert the women-led groundswell of momentum and activism into civic power.

Please join one of our two committees to help make change in Broward County and the State of Florida: